Lets face it, Googles impressive search engine has almost
all the answers that you could possibly be looking for. You think of a query or
questions, and then you just Google it.

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We spend on average four hours per week on Google searches.
Seems implausible? Think of all the times that you dont quite get the search
result you want. You may make several different efforts at entering search
phrases. Not only that, but even if you enter the correct search phrase, you
may need to have scrolled through pages of listings before finding exactly what
you were looking for.
Your time is precious, dont waste it with inefficient web
searches. Im going to introduce to you several little-known Google search
tricks to supercharge your online searching!
1. Use the Exact Phrase

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If youre looking for something specific, then make sure you
search by using the exact phrase. For example, if youre looking to find out
Tom Cruises height, type in the exact phrase into the Google search bar as
follows: Top Gun This will instantly return only articles or websites that
contain that exact phrase. (Please note that the ___ is what tells Google
youre only wanting exact phrase results.)
2. Exclude Terms With

This second tip is actually an extension of the first one.
Staying with Top Gun, lets say your exact phrase search Top Gun brings up
dozens of articles that mention Tom Cruise. You could trim down the results
list by excluding the word Cruise.
To do this, you need to use the minus symbol before the word
you want to exclude. Heres how it should look: Top Gun -Cruise
3. Say Hello to *

In Google searches, the asterisk (*) offers two clever
Firstly, it can help Google find a missing word in a phrase
or quote. For example, try searching for this: Whether you *that you can, or
that you cant, you are usually right Ill leave you to discover the missing
word and author of this quote.
The second trick the asterisk can perform is to search all
words starting with a specific word. For instance, if you search: inst* This
will bring up not just results with the words inst in it, and also variants
such as instagram, institute and instructure.
4. Make OR Your Search

This tip is super easy to use, and is a bit like going into
a coffee shop and saying: I dont mind which cake I have, and Im happy with
either chocolate OR lemon. In the virtual world, if you are unsure of the best
search, or would like to do a multiple search at the same time, use the OR
function. Heres an example of how it should look: Batman or Thor This search
will return results for both Batman and Thor. (Some results may be separate,
others may contain both searched terms.)
5. Use Synonym Searches

Im sure youve come across times when you cant remember
the exact name of an establishment or website. Your initial searches fail to
find what youre looking for. In cases like this, you might want to try a
synonym search. How does it work? Well, lets say that you were looking for
Cafe Days in Haledon, New Jersey. But wait youre not sure if its Days or
Daze? The quickest way to resolve this is to type the following into the search
bar: Cafe Days Haledon ~Daze Google will immediately give you the answer youre
looking for.
6. Search Between Two

Im guessing that you wont have come across this search tip
before. However, its a super useful one to know about. For example, have you
ever wanted to quickly find a list of U.S. presidents between certain years?
Google can make this really easy for you. All you need to do is enter the
following search phrase: U.S. presidents 1950… 2000 In this example, the
phrase will quickly return results showing all the U.S. presidents that served
between 1950 and 2000. Just to be clear, the followed by a space is what triggers this search function.
7. Bring up Related
I personally use this handy search function a lot. It allows
you to find websites similar to other websites. This is best explained with an
example. Lets say that you love going to National Geographics website, but
youd also like to see what other similar websites are available. Heres what
you need to type into the Google search bar: related: This
search will instantly return a list of similar sites to National Geographic. As
I mentioned earlier, a super useful function.
Save Time and Frustration with Lightning-Fast Google

  • You want to find your football teams latest score.
  • You need advice on how to make a claim on your insurance.
  • Youd love to know just how high your favorite mountain is.
Whether at work or at home, youll find yourself being able
to pinpoint information in super-quick time. Youll also find yourself having a
new relationship with the internet. One where you are a confident and masterful

Im sure this article will give you everything you need to
be a rapid-fire Google searcher, but if you need anymore information just
Google it!


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