Google 55-inches giant tablet called Jamboard
Of course, if Google dies today, almost 60% of the world technology would become lifeless. Google, that great master of innovations has  recently released an instrument for team discussions or conference meetings.

It’s such a big tablet called Google Jamboard, a 55-inches tablet, that’s great. Who says we still need chalkboard or even whiteboard again on earth, when we already have digital board.
Team peptalk now easy as ABC.
A spectacular feature about this device is that about 16 users can create contents from their smartphones or tablet or similar device and remotely post it to the giant tablet standing as board. This is great for team discussion and brainstorming.
No more stressing contributors by standing everytime to scribble their ideas on the whiteboard, in as much as all the participants’ devices can access the Jamboard.
Every work done is saved in Google Drive and can be accessible by everybody as long as they are given permission to do so.
Google 55-inches giant tablet called Jamboard
Some features of the Google’s giant tablet includes:
A giant stylus for scribbling on its surface
It comes with USB 3.0 (Type-C)
Wi-Fi connection
HDMI 2.0
It is also equiped with a wide angle camera.
Huge Price Tag For Huge Tablet
Its cool look, a good collaborative tool, amazing technology but you will need to break a bank to make one yours. It will cost you a fortune of US$5,000. Of course, its not actually meant for individuals but instead, training institutes, corporate industries and similar structures.
It’s not something news when a thing like this comes up for the first time, you’ll get neck-breaking price tags on it, but other brands will eventually welcome the technology by producing theirs. Trust the Chinese guys, they must not see something like this.


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