Google Bard AI has received a very important update with the introduction of a feature that generates images. These updates aim to make Bard more useful in different languages and regions, providing users with better tools.

Google Bard AI with Gemini Pro

Gemini Pro, introduced in English last December, is now in over 40 languages and 230 countries. This expansion lets users around the world benefit from Bard’s better understanding, reasoning, summarizing, and coding abilities.

Independent evaluations have recognized Bard with Gemini Pro as a top-performing chatbot, praised for its significant improvements.

Along with expanding Gemini Pro, Google has also made the double-check feature more widely available. Initially for English users, it now supports over 40 languages. By clicking the “G” icon, users can ask Bard to check its answers against web content, helping verify information and explore additional sources.

BARD Image generation

A new feature in Bard is image generation, available globally in English. Users can describe something, and Bard will create custom, high-quality visuals. Powered by the updated Imagen 2 model, it aims to produce realistic images quickly.

Samples of images generated by Bard
Sample of images generated by Bard

Google emphasizes responsible AI in Bard’s image generation. To distinguish AI-created visuals from human art, Bard uses SynthID to add identifiable watermarks. Google has set limits to prevent generating violent, offensive, or explicit content and avoids creating images of specific individuals.



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