The race to make the fastest-charging smartphone has never been this competitive. Several manufacturers have been showing a form strength in the fast-charging tech. And this time, Infinix decided to steal the show. The smartphone manufacturer debuted its latest advancements in charging tech, the Infinix All-Round FastCharge.

Infinix 260W FastCharger

So, what is the Infinix All-Round FastCharge about? Well, it brings the ability to charge phones at 260W in wired mode and 110W in wireless mode. To give you a perspective, the iPhone 14 Pro Max tops out at 27W in wired mode. And in wireless, the max speed is 15W.

Infinix All-round Fast Charge: Full Charge in 7.5 Minutes!

The new charging solution from Infinix can take phones from 0% to 100% in under 8 minutes through the wired mode. Most importantly, you can get the phone battery from 0% to 25% in just one minute over the wire. That means you might never have to worry about a dead battery with the Infinix All-Round FastCharge.

What about the wireless mode? Well, the Infinix All-Round FastCharge shows impressive results in that factor too. Wirelessly, it can get phones from 0% to 100% in just 16 minutes.

Infinix All round Fast Charge unveiled

To give you a reference, the OnePlus 11 with 100W wired charging takes 25 minutes. On the other hand, the Xiaomi 13 Pro with the 120W wired charger takes 20 minutes to fully charge. So, it is quite evident that Infinix is making big leaps in terms of charging speed.

Not to mention, nine months back, Infinix introduced 180W Thunder Charge. And coming up with another leading tech in just nine months is surely impressive.

How The New 260W Wired Charging Works?

The new Infinix All-Round FastCharge builds on the same technology as the 180W Thunder Charge. Infinix upgraded the dual 8C battery to a single 12C battery to get to such numbers. The cell has a 4-pump circuit design, which can intelligently identify the power requirements.

After getting the requirements, the Infinix All-Round FastCharge cleverly allocates the required charge pumps. That eventually gives the charging speed and efficiency a major boost.

According to the official press release from Infinix, the charging efficiency of the new tech is 98.5%. But the fascinating thing is that the charging speed does not degrade the battery life substantially. From a test on the 4400 mAh battery, the test battery was able to retain 90% of its initial capacity after 1000 cycles.

In terms of the charging brick, Infinix All-Round FastCharge utilizes a combination of AHB circuit infrastructure and GaN material. The main highlights of this combo are the high density, small size, and safe charging control.

Infinix 260W All round FastCharge

Other than that, the cable required for the All-Round FastCharge also plays a vital role. Infinix developed it to carry a current of up to 13A, which can ensure 260W of charging.

Infinix All-round FastCharge Wireless Tech

For the 110W wireless charging, Infinix relied on custom-made small-sensitive coils. The coils have different architectures, which is, there are fewer coils. But all of them are wider than the standard coils. This architecture eventually lowers the internal resistance and ensures proper charging temperature.

Infinx 110W wireless charging

Infinix also has a 110W custom-made charger with a dual-coil design. It supports both horizontal and vertical wireless charging. And the cool part about the charger is that it has a fan on the base, which improves heat dissipation.

Other Features Of All-round Fast Charge Tech

Besides just offering superior wireless and wired charging speeds, the standard has many other features. That includes bypass charging, reverse charging, and multi-protocol charging. The standard is also compatible with other protocols, which include Power Delivery 3.0.

So, when will the All-Round FastCharge tech be in the wild? According to Infinix, the new charging tech will debut with the upcoming Infinix Note smartphone. And that phone is due this year. So, you can soon see the charging tech in action.



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