Following the crippling of its smartphone business due to the US sanctions, Huawei focused its efforts in various other fields, which included the automobile industry. However, it seems that the Chinese company itself isn’t looking to build a car of its own.

Huawei Car

Back in 2020, Ren Zhengfei, the CEO of the Chinese tech giant, stated the company does not plan on making its own cars. However, there were various rumors looming regarding Huawei possibly working on an electric/smart car of its own. Since then, the brand has even launched various systems that were featured on smart cars from other firms.

Now, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s Consumer BG has also reiterated the same information regarding the company’s plans for the automobile market.

As per the senior official, the brand will not be making its own cars. However, they will continue on expanding its smart car ecosystem and other technological solutions for other brands.

Basically, one can expect to see more products like the Huawei Smart LNDU 4K Dashcam that supports HarmonyOS. It has also made smart displays for electric vehicles and also has its technology for AITO models as well.

The executive also added that the company will be closely cooperating with other automobile makers will also lead the market in China and turn into some of the more profitable names in the Chinese car market.

He went on to talk more about the brand’s investment into its smart car tech solutions, but this clears the fact that a Huawei branded car is not in the works anytime in the near future.



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