In September, the LG Wing smartphone was officially revealed with two displays and a T-shape. The handset was one of the new line of devices expected to take LG’s mobile division to the next level and profitable.

LG Wing

However, according to the Herald Corporation, just less than 50 thousand units of LG Wing have been sold in South Korea so far. Interestingly, the company itself hoped that there would be 2 million users in the world who would want to get an unusual smartphone. But it is already clear that this goal will be unattainable.

LG Wing has failed in the market, and this is provided that in South Korea, one of the largest cellular operators offers a smartphone with a 50% discount.

Whether the fiasco of an unusual product will affect the company’s desire to continue experimenting with form factors is unknown. Most likely, projects have already been launched and LG is unlikely to abandon them in the hope that one of them will succeed. We will only have to observe the situation and evaluate what will be the company’s foldable smartphone, which is scheduled for release next year.



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