The year 2020 is quite a complicated one for most smartphone makers and tech-related companies. After a battling with unusual demand in the first months caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are finally seeing a recovery in the last quarter of 2020. Despite this, companies like HMD Global had to change its plans drastically. Apparently, Nokia is preparing to bring a new laptop/notebook/tablet series. This new series appeared on the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification.

Nokia Laptops May Soon Launch

Models Number On  BIS Certification Listing

Nokia May Soon Launch A Series A Laptop

The certification reveals that there may be a series of Nokia laptops manufactured by Togfang HongKong Ltd;

  • NKi510UL85S
  • NKi510UL82S
  • NKi510UL810S
  • NKi510UL165S
  • NKi510UL1610S
  • NKi310UL82S
  • NKi310UL85S
  • NKi310UL42S
  • NKi310UL41S

Nokia reportedly working on a Series of Laptops 1 1

As you can see, Nokia has a set of branded products to come. Sadly, at present, it is not possible to determine what each model name stands for, but rumors have it that HMD Global will expand its portfolio of Nokia products. The company already succeeded with new smart TVs and audio products. So it’s nota big surprise to see an attempt in other market segments. Nowadays, it’s inevitable for a smartphone maker to jump in other segments such as wearables, IoT and etc.

Unfortunately, there is no much known about these new devices. This seems to be just the beginning of the road for them. As usual, we expect more details to appear in the coming months.

So far, it seems HMD Global and Nokia year is pretty much finished as the company does not seem to have any device in the horizon for a December release. When it comes to the company’s aforementioned flagship, we do hope to see it in the first half of 2021. The device will pack an upgraded camera sensor and hopefully it will update its chipset to Snapdragon 875. Otherwise, if Nokia decides to keep the Snapdragon 865 we don’t have high hopes for this handset.



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