Huawei has launched its own credit card called the Huawei Card. This is an answer for the Chinese to have an home made option to Apple Card, which is very popular in the United States. At present, so far there are not enough details about the Huawei card, but we have been able to gather the key details on the card and decided to share it with you.

Features Of Huawei Card: It’s Almost The Same As The Apple Card

Huawei Card will be available in both physical and virtual embodiment. The virtual version of the card can be released through the Huawei Pay application.

Huawei Card

Unlike the Apple Card, the physical Huawei Card will support contactless payments. So you can pay for purchases even if your smartphone runs out.

We have no information yet on which bank will issue the Huawei Card. But it is known that Union Pay will be the payment system on the basis of which the card will operate.

The Huawei Card, like the Apple Card, will be credit. So, not everyone will be able to issue it, but only adult users of Huawei smartphones with a good credit history.

Unlike Apple Card, the Huawei Card will be paid. So far, the cost of annual maintenance has not been announced. But it is known that the first year will be free.

The Huawei Card makes use of the same security protocols as Huawei Pay, in addition to classic security mechanisms like 3D Secure, etc.

Huawei Card

Obviously, the Huawei Card, despite the fact that it is, in fact, a copy of the Apple Card, is not aimed at competing with the Apple solution. Still, Huawei will not be able to entice Apple Card users to itself. It means that the Chinese pursued another goal, which consisted in the expansion of their influence. Thus, they, firstly, will have access to information about the payments of their customers. And secondly, thanks to the Huawei Card, the Chinese company will gain an advantage over Google. The American company is yet to have such product.



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