Looking for a tech-related job, and you have almost drying
up due to stress, relax there is an app that can make it easier for now.
LEAP.AI: An App That Helps You Find A Tech Job

Two past Google engineers created created a startup, called Leap.ai, and the app aims to assist people looking for tech jobs to find them.
To start searching for jobs on Leap.ai, you need to sign up
on the app’s website or iOS app and create a profile. Next, submit a
self-assessment, detailing your strengths, types of jobs you prefer and your
values as an individual.
LEAP.AI: An App That Helps You Find A Tech Job
Then the algorithm matches your information with what a
company is looking for in a potential employee. Once there’s a match, Leap.ai
alerts you of the opportunity and sends your resume to the employer, along with
a sort of recommendation letter.

This recommendation letter is basically to explain to the
employer why the job seeker is a good candidate for the company and position.

In other words, Leap.ai tries to make the job-searching
process as easy as possible. Currently, the app has 50 customers, which include
Dropbox, Uber and Zoom. The customers are charged for their services when they
successfully hire a candidate. The rate is based on the employee’s first-year
Here’s a quote from Richard Liu, cofounder and CEO of
Leap.ai, in an interview with TechCrunch:

“I probably hired 500
people into mu division. We learned that hiring is hard. Your ability to learn,
collaborate or take initiative are strong characteristics, but it is hard to
get a feel for them from an interview. Curiosity and drive, in an interview
process you can’t do much to gauge that.”

Hopefully, with the job market being the way it is, at least
people looking for tech-related jobs will find it a bit easier to get good jobs
that suit them.


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