Samsung keyboard versus Google Gboard keyboard

The Samsung keyboard and Google’s Gboard have appears almost the same in terms of layout. As a matter of fact, the position of the comma is the significant
difference. Other minor differences are there too, but they do not impact as
much on usability on this single matter of the position of the comma.
Samsung keyboard versus Google Gboard keyboard

By definition, a comma is a punctuation. Punctuation are
marks used in writing to separate sentences and their elements and to clarify
meaning. They include: the comma, the full stop (or period), the question mark,
and the exclamation mark. Of all these, the comma and the full stop are the
most widely used and so are key to smooth writing/typing experiences.
The Comma and Samsung
On Samsung’s keyboard, the comma key is hidden away and you
get to it through tapping the “Sym” key. On Gboard, the comma is right there in
your face for you to use immediately – and that is a huge improvement in
usability for me.
Do you have any idea how often we use a comma in typing on a
daily basis? Why hide it away? I know that proper writing is a dying art.
Scroll through the timeline of any social media platform and you see entire
paragraphs written without any punctuation. Still, for those of us who who put
some effort into typing properly, having the comma easily accessible makes a
whole lot of difference.
The Full Stop
The full stop is another punctuation that is essential to
every day writing and typing. Thankfully, both Samsung’s keyboard and Gboard
have it in your face and ready for use.
I find that I type easier on Gboard because of this, and I
have adopted it as default keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017. All Samsung
has to do to change this usability issue is reduce the size of the space bar
and add a key for the comma to the row. And then the Samsung keyboard would be
the next thing to perfection.

What keyboard do you use on your Android smartphone and how
does it have the comma and full stop keys positioned? Do you do a lot of typing
on your phone? How does the position of these tow punctuation keys impact your
usage? Let’s talk.
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