How To Be A TBC Investor And Get Free 50,000 Kringles
Step 1. Register for your free account at Once registered check your email and click the verify link and sign in.

Step 2. Now set up your TBC web wallet at I suggest using the same email, username, and password in every account associated with TBC.
Step 3. Once registered, check your email and click the verify link and sign in.
TBC Admin is giving away 50,000 Kringles FREE until September 30, 2017. Kringles are fractions of the TBC coin.
Click here and follow the directions carefully starting with clicking the “Answer Button”. You will notice that Santa Claus will be speaking.
There are 2 reasons why the Free Kringle Cash Giveaway is represented by Santa Claus. The creators/admin of The Billion Coin wish to remain anonymous so they have chosen to be referred to as “Kris Kringle”. This is also where the name “Kringles” came from referring to a fraction of the TBC coin or the “change”. Also, Santa Claus is known as the bearer of gifts, bringing hope and good will to the world.
NOTE: You will also have to return to your email address to verify the link and sign in. This email usually ends up in the SPAM/JUNK folder so please check there if you can’t find the email in your inbox.

WARNING: Please write down ALL your login information and keep in a safe place. Also, do not allow ANYONE. to get access to your login information for your TBC WEB WALLET as they could steal all your TBC from you.


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