Have you ever wish to obtain a smartphone with inbuilt
Stylus like one of the Samsung Notes series but your pocket appears to be
drawing back your hand? Infinix Mobility is about to grant your wish.
Infinix in Samsung's shoe: Infinix Note 4 to come with a Stylus

Infinix Mobility has decided to make its fans happy, as well
as gaining more customers with the introduction of Stylus attached to its
latest Infinix Note series. A big 6-inch screen with a huge battery crowned
with a Stylus would definitely bring nothing less than a smile to Infinix fan’s
faces. At last, Infinix Mobility is about to give Samsung restless night.
Authoritatively, Infinix Mobility will change the standard
look of its Note series when it launches the Infinix Note 4 with a stylus by
first week of July 2017. This by implication means, there should be some serious
customisation made to the firmware as expected. So we are expecting a new too,
custom user interface – XOS from the company.
Definitely, Infinix Mobility has join the same custom-made
train with Samsung which consist of stylus users. Therefore, the company will
need to work hard to get to Samsung’s current level in that area of technology
because, they are arguably the best in that region for now.
Remember that Samsung’s Note series always come with serious
software tweaks in order to accommodate the Stylus, as well as readying it for optimal
productivity. This is a height that some other brands have attempted to reach
but still struggling with that, so Infinix Mobility is on a serious mission.
Whatsoever it is, kitting the Note series with a stylus is a
decent attempt by Infinix Mobility.
What we expect from
Inifinix Note 4

A powerful device with very good and premium processor, highly
customized UI, more RAM, bigger battery life. Though Infinix Note smartphones
are by default known to come with good battery life. Note 4 smartphone should
definitely be a 4G enable device. Customers might even get better specs from
Note 4 Pro such as more RAM and 4G support.
Though Infinix Note smartphones by tradition, are not as
powerful as the Zero series.
Can Infinix Note 4
with a stylus put you in charge?
According to the Infinix Mobility’s slogan which says, they
want you to take charge. Can the Note 4 smartphone prove that to us? Can
Infinix Mobility survive the Samsung Note 7-like fiasco should such occur? Well,
time will tell.
However, Infinix fans should be excited with the latest

Tellforceblog will continue to update you on this matter, so
stay tuned.


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