Path Guide App by Microsoft keeps you from getting lost in a building

Path Guide App by Microsoft keeps you from getting lost in a building
Imagine how embarassing it could be to enter a very big hotel and to check on someone but met his absence and you need to start asking everybody for the right path of the area.

A new app has been newly introduced by released by Microsoft for Android users called Path Guide. This new app enables easy creation and tracing of custom routes for indoors – large buildings that could be used as linear instructions aside from a map.
The moment you get confused, beckon on your phone to direct. Smartphone becoming smarter.
An interesting side of it is the creation of those routes by merely taking a walk in that direction. All you need to do is by putting the app in action and start your walk. Cool, isn’t it.
Path Guide App by Microsoft keeps you from getting lost in a building
Before you start using this Microsoft Path Guide, firstly, the user will need to record sensory data with his smartphone or tablet of supported when taking the walk. This is the combination of the apps handler’s movement with location specific geomagnetic features from the sensory data are to produce a reference trace.
This trace is sent to the cloud, where people can access after searching  for navigation.
Lastly, After downloading the reference trace, Path Guide compares and synchronizes the present user’s readings with the reference trace.

Then uses the result to lead or guide the current user from the beginning to the destination in real time.
This app is particularly useful for business located in large shopping malls and office complexes, as customers and clients can use it to find their location.
The introduction of this adds to the list of creative technology imaginations on ground. It’s a very useful app.
The microsoft app is a great concept, looks like the directions manually created in Google My Maps. However, it is mapless and very easy to make because all you need to do is just to take a stroll and you have created a guide.
You love the concept of this app, just simply take a walk to Google Play, directly from Microsoft or APKMirror to download the app for exploration.


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