Apple is is likely to cause some issues for users of a specific device, according to one of its specialist who has urgently sent a warning to iPhone users. iPhone users are urged to update their phones to the most recent iOS version ASAP. If you fail to update, you risk losing access to your phone in the future. The reason that an older version of iOS is about to lose key essential functions, such as access to Maps for navigating their city, Siri for voice control of their phone, the App Store for essential apps, and more.

iPhone 5s

The upcoming update appears to focus on iPhones running iOS 11.2.6 or earlier and whose users are unable to use key software. The iPhone 5 and older devices will be affected. However, even people using an iPhone 7 also run the risk of being affected if their system software hasn’t been updated.

Apple insider @StellaFudge tweeted about the move. “As of early May, access to Apple services, with the exception of iCloud, will stop working on devices running: iOS 11-11.2.6[…] you’ll likely receive a notification prompting you to update,” she said in a tweet viewed by millions.

If you don’t get a notification asking you to update your iPhone, you can quickly do it yourself. Use the Settings app on your mobile phone. Simply go to the Home Screen of your iPhone, hit the Settings app icon, and select General > Software Update.  To update your iPhone, simply follow the on-screen prompts after plugging in your charger and turning on Wi-Fi.

iPhone 5s

iPhone 7 And Old Expected To Update Their Devices ASAP

The iPhone 7 can be updated to iOS 15 in order to make use of new security features and upgrades. However, please note that the iPhone 7 does not support the iOS 16. At the moment, there is no direct comment from Apple with regard to the rumours. However, the tech company recently released an update on its help sites that may confirm these reports.

In the update, Apple confirms that some old software versions will not work with a couple of Apple services. The company also advises users to update their devices so that they can keep using the services. Apple said;

“Some older software versions will no longer support Apple Services like the App Store, Siri, and Maps. Update your software to the latest available version to continue using these services.”



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