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Apple Car will launch as a fully autonomous electric vehicle by 2025 – Report

Apple’s most-anticipated self-driving electric car has been in the news for a while now and now once again, the upcoming vehicle from the technology...
Apple Car

Apple may partner Toyota to make the Apple Car: Report

Apple is reportedly in talks with another established automobile maker for the production of its self branded car. The company may strike a deal...
Apple Car

Apple In Talks With Korean Partners For The Apple Car – Reports

The rumors about an Apple car in works have been on for a while now, but no tangible information, definitive statement or even a tipster’s...
Apple working on Electric Cars

We Are Open For A Deal With Apple On Car Making – Nissan

After confirming that it was holding talks with Apple over its car, Hyundai came out again to say no negotiations are in progress. This...
Apple Car

First Apple Car Will Be Fully Autonomous; Not Available For End Users

Of recent, the media has been busy with Apple's involvement in developing an autonomous vehicle dubbed “Project Titan” for a long time now. We have...

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