Apple’s most-anticipated self-driving electric car has been in the news for a while now and now once again, the upcoming vehicle from the technology giant, which has not yet been officially announced, is in the news, hinting at the Apple Car roadmap.

Apple Car

According to  new report from Bloomberg, citing sources aware of the development, the upcoming Apple Car — an electric vehicle with support for a fully autonomous self-driving feature — will debut by 2025.

It is being reported that this Apple Car project from the Cupertino-based tech giant, which is called Project Titan, being headed by Kevin Lynch, will be a fully automated self-driving offering without any pedals or steering.

Earlier, it was claimed that the company was stuck between two different developments paths — a traditional EV with some enhanced driver-assist features, or a more sophisticated EV capable of truly autonomous driving with no input from its passengers. It now seems that the technology giant has chosen the latter option.

However, there’s a possibility of Apple adding some kind of an emergency takeover mode for the car, which is still being discussed internally. It is said to have open-concept seating and a larger iPad-like infotainment system.


The company has still not locked in the business model for this project. The Bloomberg report hints about Apple considering to have its own fleet of self-driving cars operating like Uber or Lyft instead of selling the cars to individuals. However, it is more likely that Apple will sell its car to individuals.

Apple is reportedly not looking to develop a proprietary charging system for the car as the company could make it compatible with the “combined charging system” or CCS standard so that it is possible to charge the vehicle at most public fast-charging stations.

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