Tecno unveiled the latest product of its R&D labs today – the rollable smartphone concept Phantom Ultimate. It expands sideways, increasing the display from 6.55-inch to 7.11-inch in 1.2-1.3 seconds. This second concept device by Tecno is very similar to the Vision V only without the folding part.

Tecno unveils Phantom Ultimate rollable smartphone concept 1

The Phantom Ultimate has a single-drive motor system that expands the device at the press of a button, positioned on the top right side of the phone. When the device is rolled, it is a basic 6.55” smartphone, with the extra screen sitting on the back, acting as an Always-On Display.

Specs-wise, the panel is a 7.11” On-cell LTPO AMOLED with 2,296 x 1,596 pixel resolution and 388 PPI. It offers 100% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage although such numbers are hard to verify on a concept.

The device is 9.93 mm thick at its base, and Tecno promises you can easily hold it in one hand. The device has protective glass for the sliding area and textured back for better grip.

Tecno unveils Phantom Ultimate rollable smartphone concept

The really sad news is at this point the Phantom Ultimate is just a concept and there’s no indication it’s coming to the market any time soon. Of course, we expect some technological limitations to be overcome before rollable phones would be commercially out and there’s no telling how long that might take.


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