Samsung has released Samsung Food, a cutting-edge, AI-powered food and recipe platform. This platform is set to transform the way users experience and engage with cooking and meal planning.

Samsung Food

It offers an extensive collection of over 160,000 recipes, acting as a personalized culinary assistant. The platform not only aids users in discovering new dishes but also assists in creating customized meal plans and ordering ingredients online.

Samsung Food AI powered food and recipe platform

Samsung Food Features

Samsung Food leverages the capabilities of AI technology to provide a tailored culinary experience that caters to the unique needs and preferences of each user. Built upon insights from Whisk, a smart food platform acquired by Samsung Next, Food AI recommends meals based on individual preferences and the availability of seasonal ingredients.

Samsung Food AI powered food and recipe platform 1

Samsung Food redefines the cooking experience through four key areas:

  • Recipe Discovery and Personalization: Users can save recipes and access them anytime, anywhere. The app even standardizes recipe formats and creates shopping lists based on ingredients, making grocery shopping seamless.
  • Tailored Meal Planning: The app recommends daily meal plans based on user data, dietary preferences, and favorite cuisines. Nutritional information is readily available, with the option to send shopping lists to e-commerce retailers.
  • Connected Cooking: Seamless connectivity allows users to control cooking appliances, set timers, and preheat ovens directly from portable devices. The integration extends to Samsung’s range of appliances, enhancing kitchen convenience.
  • Social Sharing: Users can share favorite dishes, create recipes, and follow food content creators within the Samsung Food community.

Samsung has big plans for Samsung Food, including integration with Samsung Health and the Vision AI technology, which will enable the app to recognize and recommend recipes based on food items photographed.


The Samsung Food app is available in eight languages in 104 countries around the world, and users can download it on any smartphone platform from the Samsung Food website.

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