Toyota is in partnership with Suzuki to develop new mini electric vans. The two automobile manufacturer have also jointly developed a battery electric vehicle (BEV) system with Daihatsu Motor.

Toyota and Suzuki partners to develop mini electric vans and innovative BEV platform 2

The new BEV platform will be at the heart of a new generation of electric minivans. Toyota is gradually making inroads into the EV market with a raft of offerings and investments in that direction.

Toyota has made pointed efforts to accelerate development in its BEV strategy with its new CEO Koji Sato driving the process. The Japanese automaker plans to deliver ten new EVs by 2026 and a projected sales outlay of about 1.5 million units annually.

Toyota had a less-than-expected reception for its first EV, the bZ4X, and expects to eclipse that with its new strategy. Toyota’s second EV, the bZ3 was released last month in China and was co-developed with BYD. There are several other EV models on the Toyota lineup including the bZ FlexSpace and an aerodynamic sports EV.

The new BEV platform is slated to come into operation by 2026 and this could see a significant increase in the range of Toyota EVs. The company claims the technology will double the range of future EVs with the use of highly efficient batteries.

The three Japanese automakers, Toyota, Suzuki, and Daihatsu Motor will also deploy the BEV platform for new electric minivans.

Toyota and Suzuki partners to develop mini electric vans and innovative BEV platform 1

A prototype of the mini electric vans that implement the co-developed BEV platform will be on exhibition this week. The exhibition is being hosted by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association.

The electric minivans combine features from Toyota, Suzuki, and Daihatsu models. The cars reflect Suzuki’s and Daihatsu’s expertise in small-sized cars in combination with Toyota’s electrification technology.


The first model will be manufactured by Daihatsu while Toyota and Suzuki will subsequently release theirs by Q4, 2023. A minimum 200km range on a full charge is expected for the new electric minivans.

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