WhatsApp had recently rolled out an update for Android devices which brought numerous features to the devices like Avatars and extended media sharing limit. Now, after a couple of months of beta testing, its developers is finally making the Picture-in-picture (PiP) mode during video calls available to more users.


The PiP mode enables users to watch a video in a smaller window while continuing to use their device in other ways. For example, if you are viewing an online tutorial or conversing with someone over WhatsApp Video Call, you may continue working on your emails or browsing social media without interfering with your call session. The PiP window can also be moved and resized as needed by the user so that it does not interfere with whatever else they are doing at the time.

The feature is part of iOS version v23.3.77 that was just released.

Along with PiP, the changelog mentions a few other upgrades. You can add captions when sending documents, create personalized avatars and use them as stickers in chats. Support for longer descriptions for groups is also added. A staged rollout should bring new features to all users.

WhatsApp gets picture in picture mode

In the meantime, WhatsApp is working on a toggle for sending high-quality pictures. Instead of the standard compression, you can opt for the HD version that applies lighter compression.

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