TikTok is reportedly developing a new feature for its creators to help them make more money. The video sharing platform could soon let creators shift some of their videos behind a paywall, essentially opening a new stream to generate revenue.


According to sources close to the matter, the social media giant is currently developing a new paywall feature that will allow creators to charge a minimum of 1 US Dollar or a price of their choice to access certain videos.

These videos will only be available for viewing to those that pay the small fee. However, it is unclear how the new system would work and how the profits would be distributed.

This would also let influencers to make more money from some of their most popular videos. The popular short video sharing platform is also planning on overhauling its Creator Fund following growing complaints about its low payouts. Sources also added that it will now focus on more popular creators with follower count as high as 100,000 versus 10,000.

The company claims that this would let them pay the creators more. The fund could also be used as reward for those that make longer videos.

The company has yet to officially confirm this change, but did say in a statement that it is committed in offering new ways to make its service “valuable and rewarding” for creators. So take this report with a pinch of salt for now and stick around for more updates.


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