Microsoft has begun the global rollout of the new Bing search engine, powered by ChatGPT, to a select group of early testers. The initial preview of Bing has been successful on desktop, and sources indicate that it will also become available on Android and iOS platforms in the near future, as stated in an email sent out by Microsoft today and reported by WindowsLatest.

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Bing AI powered by ChatGPT

Earlier this month, Microsoft introduced new Bing search engine and Edge browser powered by ChatGPT. The updates aim to improve search results and provide more complete answers, with a new chat feature and the ability to generate content. Microsoft describes these tools as an “AI copilot for the web”.

Bing on Android

Bing AI is coming to Android and iOS soon

Microsoft is reportedly improving Bing’s Chat UI for Android and iOS, featuring fresh OpenAI-powered content, although the mobile experience is still in development and not yet available.

Bing on Android 1

Bing AI can be accessed on desktops through browsers such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, while Android users can sign up for a waitlist to access the ChatGPT integration by logging in with their Microsoft account.


Insiders familiar with the development of’s AI mobile experience have indicated that the updated version could be launched in the coming weeks, according to the report.



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