A measure has been taken by Google to address the issue of malware infections on Android smartphones by implementing stricter guidelines for app development and distribution. The company has ensured that apps available on the Google Play Store are free from malware, but the ability to sideload apps has created a loophole for malware to spread.


In response, Google plans to block the installation of outdated apps on Android 14, as seen in recent code changes. This move aims to eliminate the potential for malware to spread through sideloading and older apps.

In simpler words, with Android 14, you won’t be able to side-load old Android apps. Others are reporting that side-loading Android apps on Android 14 will require a high technical skill using a command shell.

By blocking these outdated apps, Google intends to curb the spread of malware apps on Android. The developer responsible for the change notes that some malware apps have intentionally targeted older versions of Android to bypass certain protections only enforced on newer apps.

It also noted that Good play will still allow you to install older apps on your phone that you already installed in the past.

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