Google had earlier introduced support for Wi-Fi and Cellular network switching in their voice call screen. It was for sure a beneficial step taken by the brand for many of the users out there. Now, the tech giant has reportedly brought another change to the Google voice call screen.


The screen will now be able to display the “Suspected Spam Caller” warning. This will help the users to prevent spam calls or obviously, any further scams, if involved in the call.

The caller screen will display the “suspected spam call” both underneath the caller number and the displayed avatar. The caller history will further display the tag for that particular number or caller. If there are some errors or the user is able to recognize the number, they are provided with an option to mark the labelled caller as “not spam” after which the suspected spam label will be never displayed for that number again.

Suspected Spam Call Warning To Its Voice Call Screen

If the user marks the suspected number as “spam,” any further calls from that number will be diverted to voicemail, and the call history will be automatically saved to the device’s spam folder. The user can also entirely disable the filter spam call feature, which means that Google will no longer designate any caller as “suspected spam” or whatever. To disable the feature, go to the dialer’s Settings, then Security, and finally Filter Spam Calls. Users can disable it directly from this page.

The tech giant has begun rolling out the feature to all users, and all users will receive an update that will enable the feature to work in a few days. Google claims to use artificial intelligence to discern between spam and legitimate calls, and that any suspected call is subsequently marked as spam. They also claim that the AI detects billions of spam calls per month across Google’s calling ecosystem.

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