Ahead of the CES 2023 that is just around the corner, Samsung has announced the new Family Hub Plus refrigerator. This new Bespoke refrigerator comes with a large 32-inch display. The product will be showcased during CES 2023, which is set to commence on January 5.

Samsung Family Hub Plus Refrigerator with a Large Display

Samsung’s New Fridge Has a 32-Inch Display

The new Samsung Family Hub Plus gets a 32-inch Full HD touchscreen display, which is bigger than the 21.5-inch available with earlier models. The display can run Samsung TV Plus for access to over 170 US TV channels and 80 Korean TV channels for free.

It can also enable multitasking; you will be able to look for recipes while watching any channel. The screen also supports the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode for this. The display is specially made for vertical-format videos, a rage on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and more.

Lee Jun-hwa, Vice President of Samsung Electronics’ home appliance division, said, “Samsung Electronics ‘ newly introduced ‘ Bespoke Refrigerator Family Hub ‘ provides a vastly expanded experience as much as the larger screen. We will lead the innovation and evolution of refrigerators by reflecting style trends.

Samsung Family Hub Plus Refrigerator with a 32 inch Display

This also allows you to put pictures and photos of your loved ones or art via the Bespoke Atelier app. You can also run cooking videos via the SmartThings cooking service. SmartThings also allows you to control multiple devices and can be used for the 6 major services of ‘ SmartThings Home Life like energy, cooking, air care, home care, pet care, and clothing care.

Additionally, there’s an option to sync the Family Hub Plus with Google Photos (in addition to OneDrive) to download or share photos and videos. The Amazon Your Essentials service (in the US) will also help you put frequently bought products on the home screen of the display and buy them with ease.

The refrigerator can also control lights, blinds, switches, motion detection sensors, and more with Family Hub.

More details regarding the new Samsung Family Hub Plus should be out during CES 2023. So, stay tuned, and do share your thoughts on the refrigerator in the comments below.

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