YouTube has introduced a new useful feature for live streamers called Live Q&A. The new feature uses the same system as the Live Chat during streams, but it’s more structured with different rules and to help make live streams more interactive.

YouTube introduces live QandA sessions

The Q&A session can be initiated during a live stream using the Live Control room. There’s also a Live Polls functionality right next to the Live Q&A feature. And since it uses the same system as the chat section, banned words will be filtered out and reporting certain questions is also possible.

It’s important to note that Moderators won’t be able to control the Live Q&A but Manager and Editor channel rights grant access to the Q&A session. They can access the Question List as well as select questions for answering.

All questions are sorted in chronological order and after 200 questions, the oldest ones will start disappearing. Only one question per user per minute is allowed.

Notably, Live Q&A and Polls don’t work on mobile and details from the Q&A session are not stored in YouTube Analytics.



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