Twitter has officially announced that the iOS version of the client now supports direct recording of GIF imagesiPhone users can better display images without using other tools. Users only need to select a GIF before recording when sending a tweet. They can directly make a GIF and send it. Users can also search the web for GIFs and use them for free.

Twitter iOS version now supports direct GIF recording

The micros-blogging platform has also conducted a number of tests before, including video double speed, automatic subtitle addition to videos, etc. Automatic subtitles will be available in more than 30 languages, including English, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, Japanese, and more. Subtitles will be displayed in the original language the video was uploaded in. As of now, there is currently no option to translate subtitles.

According to Twitter, there is nothing new about GIFs. However, what is new is that iOS users can now capture their own GIFs using the in-app camera. This feature will be a good addition for folks who make a lot of GIFs. Before now, users will have to rely on third-party applications to make GIFs. However, the new addition makes the entire process much easier for users. However, iOS users may have to update their Twitter application to the latest version to get access to this feature.


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