It was recently reported
that Twitter had increase its 140 character tweet limit to 280 characters

for almost everybody and the micro-blogging platform has again added more spice
by increasing the display name character to 50 as well.
Twitter Increases Display Name Character From 20-Characters to 50

However, the increment from 140-character to 280 did not
meet some people well as they claim it’s an unnecessary move and might make
long tweets a bit boring for readers. Twitter has been flooded with updates
mocking the change since it came into effect.
Now, for those that are familiar with Twitter, it would be
noticed that the display name could only contain 20 characters before the change,
which has now been updated to accommodate up to 50 characters.
Please note that this update is only applicable to display
names and not to the user names. For better understanding, the Twitter username
is what follows the @ symbol and is regularly referred to as a
“handle.” The username is still limited to 15 characters.
So what do you think, for me I think it’s a welcome


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