Everything is fast becoming smart and connected to internet,
including boiling water appears to making use of internet now. Boiling of water
has been in existence since as humans came to existence and now its procedure
seems to be changing. What we have is just I two simple steps – one/ add water
and two/ heat it up.
Internet of things: Checkout the $150 iKettle that uses your iPhone to boil water

Now, in 2017, when everything has to be connected to the
Internet, and preferably controlled via an app, and you might even be charged
to get a premium version to control ordinary boiling of water.
Enter the iKettle that fulfills that non-existent need for
morning notifications from your water heater. The contraption is just entering
the US market, and can be found for $150 at places like Best Buy, but you need
to pair it with an iPhone so that the iKettle can truly shine as a variable
temperature heater. Well, apart from its tall, stainless steel body with no
buttons on it, but with the obligatory LED lights.
Internet of things: Checkout the $150 iKettle that uses your iPhone to boil water

There is only one button on the base, and it can be
programmed for a specified temperature, other than that you would need the
kettle to connect to your Wi-fi network, and pair with your iPhone, so that you
can tell it to heat up water at different temps. Remember Juicero, the $400
connected juicer that went belly up not long ago as it turned out you can
squeeze the liquid with your bare hands better?

Well, the iKettle is more useful than this one, but it still
requires some voodoo magic to pair your iPhone with its flipped-over base, and
make sure it is on a 2.4 GHz WI-fi network, before you start heating water from
your warm bed in the morning, and get up when you receive a notification that
the process is finished.
That last part sounds nice, actually, but, seriously,
iKettle, $150 to go via the Internets to boil water, and I still have to pour
it in? Just what nobody needs, but we bet that any problem with your kettle can
be fixed with a software update, and customer service is nice to talk to.

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