How to transfer airtime from a 9Mobile SIMThinking on how to transfer airtime (or credit as known by
some) from a 9Mobile line –formerly Etisalat Nigeria – to another 9Mobile line?
Then this post is for you.
Steps on how to
transfer airtime from a 9Mobile SIM

To transfer airtime from your 9Mobile SIM to another one, simple
dial *Credit transfer Service Code *PIN*Amount*Mobile
  • The credit transfer service code is 223
  • The PIN is 0000 by default
  • Amount is what you want to transfer in Naira – 100, 200, 250…
  • Mobile number is the 11 Digit Mobile Number of the receiver

For instance, if you want to transfer ₦ 2000 to a mobile
number 08091234567, simply dial the below code on your phone

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Note: After dialing
the above code, you will receive a pop up to confirm the transaction details,
for you to assert or confirm your request. You would be asked to press 1 to
confirm and 2 to cancel.
How to change your
default PIN
It’s necessary to change your default PIN which is 0000 for
security reasons. And to do that, simply dial the below command;
Call 247 and follow the instructions.

If you are done with steps, then you will be able to share your
surplus airtime with friends and family on the 9mobile network. You can drop
your comment if you have more to share.
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