Motorola is said to have been working on smartphones with
screens that can be fixed automatically. This report was from a patent filled by
the company, which reveals a new technology of a phone repairing itself when its
screen breaks.
Motorolla working on phone with an unbreakable screen

Materials used in developing smartphones have advanced and
improved so much. But, the screen appears to still be one of the most fragile
components that endures the most impacts and often breaks – just a fall from a
couple of inches is enough to break some phone’s display.

It’s going to take a while before we see these kinds of
devices available for purchase.
The patent presented by Motorola shows a system that allows
the screen of a smartphone to repair itself. The company used a shape-memory
polymer material that has the ability to fix cracks or deformations it
experiences when heat is applied. This compound would be used to cover the
glass panel of the mobile, which would become a self-repairing screen.

The phone will be programmed to detect scratches on the
screen, cracks, deformation or abnormality of the screen.

Once the problem is detected, you will get an alert that
will warn you of what happened, giving you the option to start the repair. In
addition, you can also manually indicate to the system the damages that it
finds in the glass.
This will be made possible by a system that applies heat to
the screen from inside the smartphone, activating the shape memory properties
of the protective film of the glass.

According to the patent text, this technology is also not
magic, so the final result after the repair is not perfect, but would be useful
for minor flaws. The only way to see the effectiveness of the system is when
Motorola decides to develop the prototype of the patent.


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