Sure MTN double data offer is a promo that has been going on
for a while now that allows mostly new MTN subscribers or those that have
acquired some MTN marketed devices to enjoy double of their data subscriptions
for period of 6 months.
How To Activate MTN Double Data Offer

Before now, those that are not eligible for the MTN double
data offer have decided to get their SIMs eligible by IMEI tweaking of their
But you will agree with me that IMEI tweaking sometimes can
be a very hectic procedure, and sometimes people are not even techy enough to
undergo the procedure.
Today, we are going to be bringing to you alternative method
of keying into the MTN double data offer even when your SIM initially seems not
eligible or even when you have previously enjoyed the offer and your 6 months
allowable duration exhausted.
This time around you won’t be going through some rigorous
IMEI tweaking method to key into the MTN double data offer, but a general and
simplified procedure that everybody can follow.
Without further ado, follow the simple procedures below to
get your MTN SIM eligible for the MTN double data offer;
With your MTN line send the series of text messages below
one after the other
  • Send DOUBLE to 131
  • Send PROMO to 131
  • And finally send FREE to 131

And you will receive 3 separate reply messages from MTN and
once you see the message that reads
“Dear Customer, enjoy
data offers on MTN Deal Zone, Dial *131*1#”
Then you should know that your SIM has been activated for
the MTN double data offer and you can go ahead to dial the code as instructed
to subscribe for any of the double data offer.
What the double data offer means is that you will get 100%
data bonus on any of the data plans you subscribe to.
Finally, as can be seen above the MTN double data offer is
available only on the MTN deal zone tariff plan, meaning it will override your
current tariff plan and also if you did not get any message that looks like the
one above after sending those messages, it wouldn’t be advisable to go ahead to
subscribe as you might not be given the bonus when you do so.


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