Fans of high-grade luxury items will love the new Beats’ Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphones, Balmain Special Edition.

The Apple-owned brand collaborated with the French fashion house to produce this luxury set of headphones, which look quite amazing in beige and gold and cost a huge cash of $599.99.
Surely change for the likes of popular reality show star Kylie Jenner, who models the headphones in the advert for the luxury brand device.
The Beats website also has some insights into Kylie Jenner’s personal musical philosophy:

“No matter what you’re going through, when you put on a song that you love, and that you connect with, it can change your whole mood and just lift you up. Even if it’s just for a few minutes. . . I love that escape music gives us.”

What better way to escape into the world of music, and the relief and comfort it brings us, than with expensive Apple products?
The Beats website states that these headphones will help you “escape to an urban safari.” The coloring of the headphones (beige and gold, in layman’s terms), apparently represent the natural feel of the desert and the lush landscape of the jungle, while metallic gold accents bring on added level of elegance and luxury.
But, which is more important, the actual sound quality of the headphones or the gaudy colors? If you’re not a huge fan of the gloriously described khaki and safari headphones, you could always opt for the other Beats headphones, which are much less expensive. It’s probably safe to say that these will not sound quite the same, though.
There are other types of the Balmain Special Edition headphones. There is a 1960s sofa-green and gold version listed on the Beats website, alongside the khaki and safari version, comes off as “trying too hard to be chi-chi for a brand that was built on a more street-cred image”, according to CNet’s Technically Incorrect. However, seeing as Kylie Jenner modeled the headphones, that wouldn’t matter so much to a lot of people.


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