The Computer Village is one of the biggest Information and
Communication Technology (ICT) accessories market in Africa and a Perfect
competition market, under the canopy of Computer and Allied Products Dealers
Association of Nigeria (CAPDAN) has come up with the idea of reducing, if
possible completely eliminating the proliferating cases of phone theft which
has regrettably taken over the market.
Computer Village launches unified database to track stolen phones

Generally, the country as a whole has recorded very high
records of stolen phones traded in the mobile market across it. Tracking of
stolen phones in Nigeria is a serious challenge and should be looked into.
The ICT market has launched a unified database to track
stolen devices such as smartphones, table. The unified database possibly will
go a long way in cutting criminal activities, as long as merchants are admonished
and forced to sell, and as well as customers demands to buy, only registered stock.
This explains that the new development can only work if the general public
accepts it.
The Computer and Allied Product Dealers Association of
Nigeria (CAPDAN), which is a trade association of Ikeja Computer Village market
traders, really meant business after teaming up with a software company to bring
up this web portal which allows the tracking of stolen phones possible. It is a
great idea and a welcome development which we hope the masses will accept it.
Nigerian Government
should follow footprints
After all, virtually everybody in Nigeria must have
undergone data capturing processes among the five we have in the country
recently. What is the government using it for? Reason for this question is that
we still lack the forensic approach in tracking criminals despite the everyday
data capturing organised by the government and some private companies like the
telecoms sector.
With all the data capturing by the telecom sector, Nigerian
Communications Commission (NCC) is yet to set up a unified database of telecom
consumers. Same instance goes to the National Identity Management Commission
(NIMC) that is yet to even issue ID cards to people who had registered for 3 +
years now.
So Nigerian government seriously need to learn something
from the CAPDAN initiative and associate.
In the meantime, check out the unified phone database by


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