TikTok has been reshaping the online shopping scene for some time, and recently, the company is expanding its role beyond being just a social media platform. It is currently testing an innovative e-commerce feature, with the goal of turning every video into a potential shopping opportunity.


The new feature will help users gets similar items on TikTok Shop

The essence of this feature lies in its ability to automatically detect objects in videos. Viewers are then prompted to explore “similar items on TikTok Shop,” linking them to a curated selection of products.

This development is part of TikTok’s broader strategy to fuse the convenience of platforms like Amazon with the interactive and discovery-oriented nature of social media. TikTok Shop, launched in the U.S., is a testament to this vision. The goal is clear: TikTok aims to revolutionize the shopping experience, blending entertainment with consumerism.

The initial reception of TikTok Shop has been a mixed bag. On one hand, small businesses have seen a surge in sales, particularly during the holiday season, thanks to TikTok’s promotional efforts like free shipping and discounts. November’s shopping frenzy, encompassing Black Friday and Cyber Monday, attracted over 5 million new customers.

However, challenges remain. Users have raised concerns about the influx of counterfeit products and the overwhelming presence of promotional content, which some feel undermines the platform’s entertainment value.

TikTok’s new feature seeks to address these issues by subtly integrating product links in regular user posts, aiming for a more organic and less intrusive shopping experience.


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