March is set to become the month of tech upheaval as Apple takes center stage with the highly-anticipated release of iOS 17.4, thanks to the EU’s Digital Markets Act. Brace yourself for a wave of change as Apple introduces seismic shifts that will redefine your digital experience.

iOS, Safari and Apple Store logo

Here are the Changes Coming to iOS

Browser Breakout – Safari No More

The browser battleground is open, and Safari’s WebKit engine is no longer the gatekeeper. Say goodbye to restrictions as iOS liberates browsers to flaunt their unique engines. EU iPhone users, prepare to be dazzled with a smorgasbord of browser choices the moment you step into Safari. Choices abound – it’s time to explore!

App Store Revolution – Alternative Avenues Unleashed!

Hold onto your iPhones because Apple is tearing down the walls and welcoming alternative app stores into the fold. But, here’s the twist – Apple’s playing the guardian, introducing a superhero “baseline review” for all apps. It’s a dynamic duo of automated checks and human reviews ensuring your journey through the app jungle is safe and secure. Peek into apps with at-a-glance descriptions before the download dance begins.

Vault Secrets – Apple’s Blind Spots and March Revelations!

But wait, there’s always a twist. Apple admits it’s not infallible – scams, fraud, and objectionable content might sneak through. March holds the key to Apple’s vault of revelations, so stay tuned for the secrets yet to be unveiled.

NFC Symphony – Unlocking the Treasure Chest for Mobile Payments!

EU iPhones are about to tap into a symphony of convenience with the unlocking of the NFC treasure chest. Alternative wallet and banking apps, get ready to tap and pay like never before. It’s a melody of seamless mobile payments.

Payment Wonderland – More Choices, More Flexibility!

Hold onto your digital wallets! The App Store is opening up new payment options for developers. Integrate payment service providers within apps and dance the “link-out” waltz for transactions on external websites. A financial wonderland awaits – embrace the flexibility!

Fee-Fiesta – Developers, Pay the Toll for the Digital Highway!

Of course, there’s a fee-fiesta in this tech extravaganza. Developers on the App Store, get ready to pay a commission based on your app’s life stage. But fear not – Apple assures 99% of you will be swimming in reduced or maintained fees. Only the elite 1% face the mighty “Core Technology Fee.” And for our comrades on other Apple platforms, a 3% discount awaits those daring to venture into third-party payment realms.

Get ready for a digital shake-up, EU! March isn’t just an update; it’s a revolution led by Apple, turning the tech world upside down. Mark your calendars – we’re all invited to the party, and it’s going to be legendary!



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