Rudra Saraswat, the developer behind BlendOS has released the second version which he tagged version BlendOS 2 Avial. This release happens to be the second largest release of this unique unchangeable GNU / Linux distribution.


The BlendOS works by blending multiple Linux distributions to work as one. It blends Arch Linux, Fedora Linux and Ubuntu to work as one big operating system. The BlendOS 2 is released now, and it promises support for Android apps out of the box.

The BlendOS 2 comes with the WayDroid project which allows for support of Android apps. The WayDroid project is an open-source container-based solution which allows users to run the full Android operating system inside Linux. This makes it a lot easier to install Android apps from popular stores like Aurora or F-Droid. The best part is that users can use these apps together with native Linux apps.

With BlendOS 2, Android app developers can also be able test the apps in Android Studio using WayDroid. So, developers will no longer need the help of an extra heavy Android emulator.

BlendOS Has The Ability To Run Apps From Different Platforms

Welcome to BlendOS

BlendOS prides itself as a system that allows users install and run different types of apps with ease. It includes apps from Arch Linux software repository and the Chaotic-AUR repository. These are platforms where developers share and upload apps for others to download and use.

BlendOS 2 also comes with its own tool called “Distrobox”. This tool helps in managing different parts of the system. With this, developers can be able to create new and interesting features that users can use on the platform. Developers actually created this tool using the “Podman Tool”.

The new OS comes with an improvement over the distribution capabilities of its predecessor. The system automatically adds a containerized software in the main system that makes this task possible. Also, there is a new system that allows users to prioritize one containerized software over the other. This helps avoid the software from conflicting with each other.

BlendOS 2 comes with two main flavors to choose from. The GNOME and KDE Plasma desktop environments. Also, it comes with official NVIDIA graphics drivers which are already installed. This helps support for both BIOS and UEFI (32bits and 64bits) systems. It also supports a new installer framework and creating of BlendOS Remixes.

How To Download BlendOS


BlendOS 2 is currently available to download and use. If you want to give it a try, just download the live ISO image files with either GNOME or KDE Plasma desktops. You can download it directly from the BlendOS website.

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