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WhatsApp: Ability To Edit Message like on Telegram coming soon

WhatsApp is about to release a very important feature to its messaging platform. Currently, the only option to correct a wrongly sent message is to delete it. However, that is about to change now as the developers are now working on a solution.


WhatsApp: Editing Message like on Telegram coming soon

WhatsApp has been testing an editing feature for over a year now. Which would allow users to correct their messages after sending them. However, this feature was put on hold for a while. Leaving users with no choice but to delete the entire message and send a new one with the corrected text.

However, according to recent reports, WhatsApp is still working on the editing feature, and it could be available soon.

The editing feature is currently being tested in the Android version of the app, and there are indications that it could soon be available on the iOS version as well. According to WABetaInfo, a website that specializes in analyzing WhatsApp betas, the latest beta version of the iOS app contains clues that point to the imminent arrival of the editing feature.

The app will give a delay of a few minutes to correct a message sent too quickly, similar to the restriction implemented by Apple’s iMessage. However, users will not be able to edit messages sent more than 15 minutes ago. The edited messages will be identifiable by their “edited” label. But there will be no correction history as proposed by Apple.

Ability To Edit WhatsApp Message like on Telegram coming soon

While the editing feature is still in development, there are some limitations to it. Currently, the functionality is only compatible with text messages. And it is impossible to correct the text associated with multimedia content that has been shared. However, it is possible that WhatsApp will look into this matter. And add the ability to edit multimedia content in the future.




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