Manufacturers keeps improving their Smartphone cameras every day and this now makes it easier for everybody to go around with cameras in our pockets that can compete with professional devices, particularly those of flagship models.

We are not talking about only the end users, but also professional photographers. For instance, Apple recently released a short film shot with the iPhone 14 Pro. Now, similar news has come from Honor. The Honor Magic 5 Pro was used by Guinness to capture the record-breaking moment. Here are the details…

Upcoming Honor Magic 5 Pro Flagship to Be Ambitious in Camera Technology

Smartphone cameras are the quickest and simplest way to preserve special moments. Recognizing this, Guinness collaborated with Honor for a new record. Piotr Grabowski from Poland set the record at a facility in London on January 2023, and Honor was there with its upcoming Honor Magic 5 Pro flagship to capture it. Honor states that the Magic 5 Pro utilized an AI feature on its camera.

The Magic 5 Pro, which has yet to be introduced, successfully captured the photo. Honor will announce the smartphone on February 27th at the Mobile World Congress. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until then to learn about all of the device’s features. However, based on what we have seen, it is possible to say that it will be an ambitious model in terms of camera technology.

Honor Magic 5 Pro Captures Record Breaking Moment with AI Camera

However, it is possible to access some features based on the photograph. Honor used it to substantiate that it was the Magic 5 Pro that took the picture. It has five shooting ranges – 0.5x for the ultrawide, 1x for the main camera, and 3.5x and 5x, both likely from the same periscope zoom camera. This could very well be the 64MP 90mm telephoto from the Magic4 Pro.


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