Following so much speculation and various trials, Netflix has finally introduced a measure to block shared accounts. The latest development has been officially confirmed by the company through a statement released on their blog, stating that over 100 million households currently share the same single Netflix account.


This widespread sharing of accounts has reduced the platform’s ability to invest in new content, leading them to implement restrictions on account sharing.

No More Shared Account On Netflix

Subscribers are now required to set a primary location for their account. Which cannot be in use outside of that location, unless in special circumstances. Currently, the restrictions are in effect in Spain, Portugal, Canada, and New Zealand. With plans to expand to other regions in the future.

Netflix has explained that they will assist users in setting up their primary location. To ensure that everyone living under the same roof can continue to access the streaming service.

over the last year, we’ve been exploring different approaches to address this issue in Latin America, and we’re now ready to roll them out more broadly in the coming months, starting today in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain. Our focus has been on giving  members greater control over who can access their account.

To determine a user’s location, Netflix will take reference from their Wi-Fi network. And require users to access the platform through this network at least once every 31 days. If these requirements are not met, the account may be blocked. However, for those who travel, temporary access codes are available. Allowing users to access their account from non primary locations for up to seven days.

Netflix Password

In addition, Netflix has introduced the concept of “extra subscribers”. Account holders can now add up to two additional sub accounts within the same account. Which can be in use by users who do not live in the primary location. These sub accounts will cost more money per month per person.

Finally, Netflix is encouraging all those who have been using shared accounts to create their own account. To ensure that viewing history and saved content lists are not lost, Netflix recommends using their new profile transfer tool.


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