Earlier this week, Twitter introduced an “Official” label to select verified accounts that for major media outlets as well as governments. The grey badges are nowhere to be found now, less than 24 hours after they were discovered for the first time.

Twitter kills official label hours after roll out

In response to a tweet about the disappearance of the grey check, Elon Musk, the company’s owner, said, “I just killed it.” He also mentioned that the “Blue check will be the great leveler.” Twitter said that it is still aggressively going after impersonation and deception.

The grey checks were intended to assist the public in identifying valid accounts for public leaders, celebrities, news outlets, and other high-profile users.

To be clear, that was what the original blue check was for until Musk said that the verified badge could be bought through Twitter Blue, which is the platform’s premium subscription service. It was revealed yesterday that an extra grey check would instead distinguish genuine high-profile accounts.

Musk warned in a follow-up tweet after the grey checks vanished that the business “will do many dumb things in the coming months” and maintain only what works. Crawford quickly repeated what Musk had said, saying that the company had no sacred cows.

Esther Crawford, who is in charge of the Twitter Blue revamp, stated that the “Official” label will still be available, but only to “government and business institutions” at first, rather than private users. Further, the company’s quickly shifting environment and priorities speak to what we may expect with Musk at the helm.

The new Twitter Blue does not require ID verification; instead, it is an opt-in, paid subscription that includes a blue checkmark as well as access to select features. Esther Crawford said, “We’ll keep experimenting with ways to differentiate between account kinds.”


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