Cortana can now connect to user's Gmail account

This is an interesting news for Cortana users, as they now
have their foot grounded in Google’s system: Microsoft has added the ability to
connect your Gmail account to Cortana. That means you can now easily access
things like your emails, contacts, and more importantly Google Calendar data
through the digital assistant.

To setup the new feature, first head to the Cortana Notebook
section from your Windows 10 search bar. Once there, use the ‘Add a Service’
option (in “Connected Services”) to add Gmail.
Cortana can now connect to user's Gmail account

That’s it. You’ll be asked to login to your Gmail account
(if you haven’t already) and provide Cortana access to your information. Aside
from PC, the feature also allows you to access stuff like calendar info from a
Cortana-powered device such as Harman Kardon Invoke.
The functionality isn’t live on Android and iOS yet, but
that should happen sooner than later.


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