HDR videos in YouTube mobile app is now limited to 1080p

Yet again another update from Google, as it made a change to
the resolution options in the YouTube mobile app for HDR videos. The maximum resolution
you can now get from the app is 1080p, irrespective of the display of your device.
HDR videos in YouTube mobile app is now limited to 1080p

According to a report from androidpolice,
the latest development was as a result of bad HDR video performance discovered
in the YouTube app. Even on top phones, plus Google’s own Pixel 2, playing HDR
videos over 720p produced massive frame drops and a generally bad experience.
Beforehand, the resolution options reached 4K, on condition
that you owned a Sony Xperia XZ Premium. For most other flagship it was going
up to 1440p.
The new change is coming to only the YouTube app, as other
apps with HDR support – the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, records no
issues with HDR videos up to 4K resolution.
However, Google’s resolution is somewhat strange, rather than
improving playback performance, it decided to put off higher resolution options.

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