Facebook never stops tweaking the content it displays in its
News Feed and today the social network has yet again announced a different type
of imminent transformation. This is a complete departure from the current News
Feed known by everybody.
Facebook's News Feed on mobile gets new look

All these changes applies to Facebook’s app for Android, as
all of the screenshots the tech company shared are from that platform. The same
reform may perhaps come to iOS as well, however, for desktop users, no
information on whether or when the News Feed will come. For mobile users, guess
these changes to roll out in the future weeks.
Now looking at the forthcoming changes, the icons have been
updated, together with the Like, Comment and Share buttons which are now bigger
and can easily be tapped. Profile pictures are round going forward, and not
square, whereas link previews have become larger.
There’s some newly added color contrast too, making
typography more readable. Moreover, there’s a more noticeable (though still
redundant on Android platform) Back button in the top left when it’s necessary
to be able to quickly return to the News Feed.
Facebook's News Feed on mobile gets new look
Comments are now bubbles, and these are rounded, to be
aligned, design-wise, with the aforementioned round profile pictures. It’s also
now easier to realize which comments are direct replies to another person (inside
a thread). 
You can see whose post you’re commenting on, reacting to, or reading
while you’re inside a post, and you’re able to see where a link will take you
before tapping on it.


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