ATM scammers appears to have taken their mode of operations to higher level.
Scam Alert: Don't fall victim

They started by sending SMS to people claiming their ATM have expired or blocked and to resolve the issue, you would need to call a particular number.
See below the latest email sent to me by them:

Your Debit Card Verification Failed

We wish to inform you that a Fraudulent Debit transaction occurred on your account with us.
And Transaction was blocked by our card-maintenance service team,

The details of this transaction are shown below:

Transaction Notification

Account Number:0221848642
Transaction Location:EFFERUN-WARRI ATM
Value Date:17-JUNE-2017
Remarks: 6362820886453042291963692
Time of Transaction:13:27
Document Number:706
Don’t Recognize this Transaction ?

Please contact our customer service  email:
[email protected] on steps to
secure your Debit Card

For complains if this Transaction was not
conducted by You.

Thank you for banking with Us.
“Your Internet Banking user ID and password, ATM
card number and PIN are confidential
 and should never be disclosed to anyone”.
Call  on 0700 (0700 482666328), 01 448 0000, 
0803 900 3900 or 0802 900 2900 for more information.
Please watch out for these wicked people.

The above information sent to my mail is not mine but if I allow panic to take over my thinking faculty, I may loose it.


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