Facebook adds news features to Messenger video chats option

Facebook has announced that some new features has been added
to the video chatting section in the Facebook Messenger app. These new
additions are already on Snapchat, which simply means, this will not be new to
Snapchat subscribers.

The new features will be introduced into the upcoming update
for both the iOS and Android versions of Facebook Messenger within the next few
The features includes include masks and effects that can
turn you into a floppy eared rabbit, a headband wearing bear, a flower child
from the 60’s and so much more. These masks appears on the screen all through
the chat except you change to another mask, or turn-off the feature. Some comes
with hidden effects – for instance, attempt to open your mouth with the bunny
mask on.
While you are video chatting, you can click on reactions,
which allows you pick any of the five emojis expressing emotions like anger, love,
laughter, surprise or sadness. The moment you choose one, tears, hearts or
other symbols of the emotion you chose, will fill the screen with an suitable
bit of quick animation.
Most of these emotions takes different looks subject to
whether your face is on or off screen at the period.
Filters provides colourful changes to the video, which
includes the capacity to change the lighting. The effect of the filters on
video could be checked before going live.
Also, during the video chat, if you touch the camera icon, you
will be able to save and share images of your current live video chat. The
photos are sent to the phone’s camera roll, which from there they can be share
with Family, friends, or posted on other social media platforms.
Watch the video below to see the new things you can do with
Messenger’s video chat feature.



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