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How to Download Video and Add Subtitles To Them

As entertainment crosses language barriers, more and more people have started watching foreign language films and TV shows, resulting in an ever increasing demand for quality subtitles. Granted that…


How To Join YouTube Beta Program As a Tester

YouTube beta targets those who wish to test experimental features that might or might not make it to the final version of the YouTube app. YouTube has rolled out an official Play Store beta program…



How To Use Incognito Mode on Your YouTube App

YouTube is one of the coolest service that makes the world interesting. There are thousands of thousands of videos uploaded millions of users to keep you informed and entertained. However, despite…


Egypts Bans YouTube Service Over A 2012 Video

Are thinking of visiting Egypt now? Well, you might actually need to forget watching YouTube if you deem it necessary as users don't currently have to access YouTube in the country. According…


YouTube Is Testing Incognito Mode In Its App

One of the most useful and important feature in browsers is the "Incognito Mode". This can be very important and handy when you are logging into your account via somebody else's computer. Well now,…

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