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iPhone 12

Apple iPhone 13 Will Support The Wi-Fi 6E Standard

The iPhone 12 series launched this year boasts Wi-Fi 6, however Barclays analysts claimed that the iPhone 13 lineup coming next year will support the Wi-Fi...

Qualcomm Unveils FastConnect 6900 AND FastConnect 6700 With 6GHZ Wi-Fi 6E And Bluetooth 5.2

Earlier this year the FCC allowed the 6GHz band to be used for Wi-Fi, this was dubbed “Wi-Fi 6E”. Now Qualcomm has unveiled its...
Wi-fi 6E

WI-FI 6E Is The First 6GHz Signal – It’s Faster And More Stable

Wi-Fi 6 products have recently been emerging on the market and among them, we have smartphones, tablets, routers, notebooks and so on. However, the...
Wi-fi 6E

6GHZ Band Officially Approved! What You Need To Know About Wi-Fi 6E

If working from home has you cursing your home Wi-Fi network, here’s some good news: The FCC has approved a new Wi-Fi connection standard,...

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