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ubuntu touch on redmi note 7

You Can Now Install Ubuntu Touch On Your Redmi Note 7

Gone are those days when one of the most popular ritual among Android smartphone enthusiasts was modding. Even though the community still persists, it...

PinePhone Is An Affordable Linux Smartphone

Despite all the technological innovations in the smartphone industry, we are still yet to see a consumer phone that offers users the ability to...

PinePhone Specifications and Price

The PinePhone is a Linux smartphone that is capable of booting up into any one of four available Linux mobile operating systems. For user...

Ubuntu Touch Is Still Alive

The smartphone world has lost some great mobile platforms and it’s very difficult for new ones to come up now. Blackberry OS varnished like...

Purism Librem 5 Specs & Price: Security And Privacy Focused Phone

Android OS and iOS has dominated smartphone phone world and both are guilty of raid of user data privacy. Every now and then, someone...

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