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Top Compact Smartphones you can buy in 2019

The smartphone world has generally gone wild with big displays, and manufacturers are latching on to it. But not everyone wants their big. If, like me, you are a lover of smaller smartphones, I have…


We will soon be charging our smartphones via Wi-Fi

Are you ready to say goodbye to the batteries? Many of you certainly will say yes, although unfortunately we will have to wait a bit of time before you can give up having to connect your smartphone to…


Twelve (12) 4G Smartphones You Can Get Below N60,000

After sharing the list of the cheapest 4G phones in Nigeria in 2018, we are here to follow it up with 4G smartphones below N60,000 and that features a minimum of 3GB RAM. All the phones comes with 4G…


You Might Be Jailed For Buying London Use Phones

Buying used phones which some of call UK or London use phones has brought the believe that you can definitely get all the features you’ll get in a brand new phone. You even here people claiming that "…


Characteristics Of The Best 4G Smartphone

4G is a modern technology that provides high-speed internet to mobile users. The technology has been around for some years now and has been deployed in countries around the world. If you are…

The Cheapest 4G devices below ₦30,000

And now that we have various 4G LTE mobile networks all over the place, it’s not strange for people to be hunting for a cheap smartphone that can do 4G. However, if you wish to push further by getting…

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